Aiight, so it’s been 5 days already. So fuckin’ what. Days have been slow, yet still tiring. But I’m gettin by. Shit is hella boring though. I didn’t go out for New Years, mainly because I didn’t WANT to. I prefer to just chill with family then go to the club and put fuckin’ $50 ’cause that’s how much some clubs  were charging! My sister’s friend said found it amusing how I get so into the songs I sing on karaoke. DUH?! Oh she also found it hilarious how my username on Karaoke Revolution is Soul Sucksy ahahahah. (That should explain the photo above.) Anyway, I may be going to the snow this weekend. That should be interesting. Also had planned on visiting my cousin Nhanh in Texas for spring break, but nothing has been comfirmed yet. Either way, I’m glad to be able to have the opportunity to leave Stockton for a bit.

I’ve also noticed that in the past couple of weeks, everyone has been posting countdowns and list of their favorite things in ’08. Because I’m a neglegant and lazy blogger, I have not. Only because I felt none of that shit was original, BUT I decided to post a favorite photos of ’08. Later… HAHA! Oh yeah, Joe Budden is funny as fuck. His YouTube videos crack me up and check out that ass on his gf.

P.S. I’m aware this layout header is ugly as fuck and will be replaces ASAP.


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