By now, I’m sure everyone has gotten use to my lack of updates. Still, I apologize but now I am back. First of all, I must say that I am especially proud  and very excited to witness Barack Obama have his run as president. I believe he is an intelligent man who has good intentions to help the US correct our past mistakes. Personally, I feel like people think of Obama as some type of celebrity/superhero who will miraculously correct this shit we call our economy and make all things bad magically disappear. That is absurd. Unfortunately, things will get MUCH worse before they gets any better. Nonetheless, I have faith in him.


Michelle and Barack Obama’s first dance was something amazing as well. Not that neither of them are exceptional dancers or anything, but you can see their passion towards each other, which was quite admirable. I completely understand why Beyonce was nearly in tears while singing. She sounded beautiful and controlled as well.

Now, I am back to my regular updating. I expect much greatness from 2009 so there should be much be blog about!


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