It’s about that time again. Last month, I barely got around to my weekend recap, so I just did a monthly one. I figured, why not do a whole week. A lot goes on in a week. Matter of fact, every Friday for the next month and a half I have some type of event to be at ! As crazy as that is, I enjoy being able to go out to do things and staying busy. Before all of that happens, this past week was filled with many interesting happenings.

First of all, I’ve been listening to Drake‘s new mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ on repeat all weekend. Drake not only kills it with his rhymes, but can also sing and his music is very diverse. He’s still kinda new to the game but he’s shitting on everyone as far as I’m concerned.


My favorite tracks are “November 18th” with the whole chopped and screwed vibe along with “Successful” with one of my other favorite dudes in the game, Trey Songz. I also loved how he re-did “Brand New”. I honestly will never get tired of that track, regardless of how many YouTube members sing it.

I’m not sure how important this is but I finally purchased a Burt’s Bee’s chapstick. My friend Mary always tells me how she loves it and whatnot. I always used Carmex because my lips are extra ashy, so I need the extra moisture.  I figure, why the fuck would I spend $3 on chapstick? So, one time in Target I decided to ahem “try on” the honey Burt’s Bees. The smell was HORRIBLE and it wasn’t going anywhere. From the moment, I decided I won’t be using Burt’s Bees. Since then, it’s been about a month and after losing my Carmex (once again, I always do) I decided to hahaha “try on” the replenishing Burt’s Bees chapstick with the pomegranite oil. I pretty much bought it because it does everything my Carmex did, except it doesn’t give you that extra glossy pornstar-after-cumshot-shiny lips action. I’ll say it’s worth $3. I GUESS.


Another item from Burt’s Bees is their nurishing body wash. What I dig (and can understand about the prices) is that their products are natural and that’s great. The feeling on the body wash on your skin is phenominal and although it is $8 for a small bottle of body wash, I have to say it’s the best body wash I’ve ever used.

Another great surprised I received was a card from the extraordinary Nikki Jean. She had intended to send out Christmas cards, which were delayed and then New Years cards yet didn’t quite arrive until Valentine’s Day. That’s no problem at all though. I think it’s amazing that Nikki is a singer/songwriter who is really developing her career yet still finds time to do the little things that mean a lot to her fans. She is a beautiful person in and out and I admire her for how positive and influential she is to young people. If you don’t know who Nikki Jean is, she was featured on Lupe Fiascos “Hip Hop Saved My Life” and “Little Weapon”.

This week, I also purchased a Canon Powershot G9. I’ve had my eye on the camera for quite some time and had spotted one as an open-item at Circuit City. Because Circuit City stores are going out of business I got a good discount and bought the camera for only $239. I love the camera and use it almost everyday. It had amazing features such as time-lapse video and color accents. I haven’t used my old camera ever since.

On Friday night, I headed to San Jose for a going away party for a few friends. It was a great night. For once, I met some really friendly and interesting people. I became reaquainted with one of my best friends Grey Goose, along with other family and such. It was a really nice night. The last thing I remember was saying “Dayyuumm, I’m STILL dizzy!” then waking up at 7am. HA! Photos from that night will be posted soon. I doubt this week can top the last, but shiit I am reeeeeeeady! YUUUUUUH (in Trey Songz voice.)


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