Listening to: Trey Songz – In The Middle

Friends, whattup! I’ve been gone for a minute, although I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been living life so I haven’t had much time to document/write about it. I refuse to neglect my blog though. Much has gone on in the past few weeks, birthdays and baby showers and such. It’s important to surround yourself with family and good people. Energy (good or bad) is contagious therefore those around you are a (slight) reflection of who you are. Now that I’m done with my spontaneous preaching I just wanted to say that I’m still alive and will be posting random photos as well as great new music  and the good old school classic.

P.S. Are y’all aware of the chaos that is twitter? I’ve been on twitter for a few months and rarely update because nothing especially extravagant goes on in my daily life. (Although that’s not really the point of twitter.) Anyway, EVERYONE and they mama is on twitter and it is constantly being updated. Pure insanity. I do enjoy reading about my friends and favorite singers whereabouts andwhatnot. Check  me out at twitter.


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