Today was my niece Jily’s 5th birthday. It was nice to chill with family, drink a little (or a lot) and just cool out. Friends and family came over and we had us a good ol’ time. BELIEVE that I was all up in the jumper hurting all kinda childrens (unintentionally, of course ha!)

Tonight (Thursday night) I went out with some of the boys to a lounge called ‘856’ at a “nicer” part out town. I was slightly skeptic of the place because I heard different responses of people’s past experiences there but I’m always down to try something fun. Although I had a little fun, it was nothing spectular. The women were acting especially stank (not wanting to dance, being stuck up when they weren’t even THAT cute), people were all coupled up and making out in public (vomit in the mouth) and the music was ALMOST decent. I didn’t enjoy the music at all and because I had already been drinking, I wasn’t tryna overdo the alcohol. I swear, I heard the worst remix of T.I.‘s ‘Whatever You Like’ ever and the only song I was really feelin was DJ Class“I’m The Ish”. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible experience for free admission yet nothing special. Perhaps it was just because it was a Thursday night? I doubt it.


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