This Memorial weekend I was out in San Jose celebrating my good friend Phanath’s 25th birthday.


We arrived in San Jose around 8PM and soon headed downtown to tear the club up haha. It was the first time I was the  one driving all the way to San Jose, so I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep. Before hitting the club, we went to ‘Dive Bar’ where I enjoy their mix of 90’s music and they had some cheap drinks they called “free stimulus shots” with every draft beer ha. Soon after, we hit up ‘Pearl’ which was previously called ‘Vivid’. I believe it was owned by the same porn company named Vivid. The inside of the building with pretty nice. Purple lighting, plenty of couches and many TV screens playing the music videos. We arrived early (on the guestlist, got in for free) and it was whack. There wasn’t much of a diversity in the crowd. Most of the people were shorter than me or same height which means it was mostly Asians. Most of them just stood around. The only part I enjoyed there was when they played T.I.‘s ‘Bring Em Out’. You KNOW me and Phanath was … bringin it out ha! The worse part? The music (videos) repeatedly skipped and even stopped and everyone in the club would just stop and boo the DJ. Obviously we left tand headed to ‘The Loft’. There was confusion and some people got left behind and some of us ended up waiting over 30 minutes in line at the loft! We told Kuno to go flirt with some guys and start smalltalk, then we would go and cut in line next to her. We did. It was CRAZY packed in the Loft, I’ve never seen that much people there before. The music wasn’t too great, but they did do a little 90’s and raggae set so I enjoyed that. Regardless, it was so crowded that we can barely even move while dancing. We left and went to eat at Carrows. It was my first time there.

Saturday was a busy day. We had plenty of things to do to prepare for the hotel party. Ordered food, bought liquor then finally booked our rooms. We had two suits with two bedrooms and 3 beds in each room. It was perfect. I grew bored and impatient while waiting for everyone’s arrival so I just sipped on wine while waiting. Eventually people started arriving and I was surprised to see that most people actually wore green (birthday girl’s preferred dress code.) The party was fun. They played beer pong, Phanath & I sang and dance to Keri Hilson, caught up with old friends and I called people by the wrong names. I had a lot to drink, but obviously not enough because I didn’t throw up or knock out. Before I knew it, we were getting kicked out and I was like “OMG WTF?!” haha. So I grabbed my iPod, Cannon G9 and my bags and headed with Donna. We didn’t know where to go so we went to get coffee. Quickly after I get phone calls to head back to the hotel because they were staying at another room. We all head back and started playing cards. It was “mad” crowded up in that bish, much smaller room(s) than our other suites. After all the card playing and shit talking we got hungry and headed to Dennys. I swear the look of the employees when they saw us walk in at 4AM is… “indescribable”. I swear, it was no secret they weren’t excited about us being there and the waiter was extra obvious that he wasn’t feeling us. I don’t understand because we weren’t rude or anything. Had a few interesting conversations and of couse plenty of laughs. Ate the end of the day, I didn’t get any sleep and I can tell Rathany barely did either.

Most people left before we checked out of the hotel. We ended up meeting up with others and ate, shopped. Hours later came back to Zick’s and chilled.  I ate In-N-Out while dancing and passed out while they watched a movie. The lack of sleep from the previous night had me fucked up. Overall, this weekend was pretty fun. My only disappointment was the club, getting kicked out the hotel and the jackasses at Dennys.

Below are some pictures from this weekend. And NO I am not wearing the same shirt both days. Actually, they’re both  the same style but different colors! Oh yeah and shoutouts to Zack and Phanath for alwaaaaaaaaaaaays showing love and making us feeling comfortable. You know I always got you back.  I appreciate y’all.



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