Maxwell celebrates Christmas in Washington

Maxwell performs “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “Silent Night” for Christmas In Washington.

Via Rap-Up Mag


I been gone for too long, think it’s time I bring it back.

Ciara may not be the best singer, but god damnit she can dance her ass off! Check her out on last night’s episode of George Lopez performing ‘Gimme Dat’ and promoting her new album “Basic Instinct.”

I can’t help it…

I love me some Christmas candies.

This was the first (and last?) song from Chris Brown to actually impress me, vocally. This was a good movie as well. Only 9 more days ’til Christmas! Guess that means I better start wrapping some gifts.

The sunniest windy day.

A Day At The Park Pt. 2… Or not?






You would think were at the park but  we were behind a parking lot at a realty agency mwahah. Have fun everywhere all the time! (Obviously, these photos are old.)

Why you so upset with me?

Hello, all. So I’ve decided I’ve missed blogging way too much. There’s so many things I want to say and write about, music I want you to hear and photos I want to share. Obviously, my day-to-day life is not always interesting but the thoughts in my head are too much for me to keep to myself haha.

I feel like I finally know what I want this site to be. I want this blog to be representative of me. I don’t wanna talk shit about crappy songs on the radio or which celebrity is fucking up the most. As entertaining as some of that shit is, it really isn’t important to me. I also considered many times changing the website name. Honestly, I feel like most people don’t understand what “Soul Explicit” is and I think it’s because people are sometimes too simple. Some can’t even SPELL explicit. My point is that I feel the name fits the site and my personality as well, therefore I am keeping it and you will LEARN what Soul Explicit is. I will be reconstructing the site, removing some material and changing a few things. Basically clearing out the unnecessary things. Also I plan on discussing important daily life experiences whether it be love, relationships and self-image. Really though, it doesn’t have to be that deep. I just want people to be open enough to hear my ideas but also realize everything I say is my opinion and no one has to believe or trust it. My mission in life is to become successful, appreciate everything I have and learn from the things I go through. I want everyone to feel me, even if you don’t agree with me.


I will be taking a break from the site and will hopefully return by the time summer is over.



These past few years I’ve learned many things about myself and my environment. The most important lesson I’ve learn so far is that sometimes we have no control over certain situtations and we just have to accept it. It sounds simple enough, but it can get deeper because this affects us in many ways. We often plan things to go a certain way or want to do things accordingly. Unfortunately, we can not control the weather or how other people act and accidents can and will happen. Shit happens! Many some of us strive for perfection and sometimes life surprises us with spontaneous adjustments and changes everything you had hoped for. You can be mad, yell, fight, talk shit–whatever. Or you can be optimistic and just deal with what life gave you. In this moment, I am so grateful to be alive and have support from family and friends who love me. Not everyone has that. Some families barely have food or shelter. This is what important, not materialistic shit. So now my mission is to have a  positive outlook on everything and try to spread the positive energy. I want us to teach each other to love ourselves again  because only until then can we love someone else. That’s where the acceptance and good attitude starts.

You the fuckin’ best

This past weekend, some friends and family gathered in the bay to later head towards Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. Of course there were party poopers and indecisiveness but as usual positivity prevailed and we had us a good o’l’ time. Well. I sure did. Check out the photos below.